Teletherapy: A great way to bring Occupational Therapy activities into your home

Learning and development through occupational therapy is key for your child to build on their milestone and skill development from an early age. From social skills, language skills, thinking, self-control, making decisions, solving problems and so much more.

Teletherapy is a great way to bring occupational therapy into your home if you are physically unable to attend occupational therapy sessions in person. It’s a great alternative if a family member is unwell or your child cannot access transport to our in person sessions for whatever reason.

Teletherapy is particularly helpful for rural, interstate or international clients who would still like to access the service.
(Please note our initial and review assessments must be completed in person).

Teletherapy is also wonderful to help build on your in-person sessions, bringing occupational therapy activities into your home environment to excel on what your child is already learning, but in the comforts of their own home.

By having these services at home, it helps to reinforce the skills and activities your child is learning in their sessions. Being in the comfort of their own environment, your child is highly likely to repeat tasks because they have everything they need around them on a daily basis, growing and nurturing their development.

“Technology allows us to have connectivity with your child, helping them learn and grow from anywhere in the world”

You don’t need special equipment for Teletherapy

We’re aware that not all families will have the same access to equipment which will be different from client to client, which is why we want to emphasise that you don’t need special equipment for teletherapy at home.

Our therapists have great interactive activities that can be completed mostly with small household items within an unrestricted space for your child to move within. Your lounge room area, or even your back yard is the perfect space for engaging in the different activities we cover. As long as the space is cleared, teletherapy can be completed successfully and with delightful smiles along the way.

We strongly encourage all our families that there is NO need to purchase sensory or specialised equipment for our Teletherapy. Your occupational therapist can use anything you might have in your home and make it work for your child, from socks to swing sets, to pillows. We love the fact that we’re super creative and see the results along the way from Teletherapy.

What technology will you need for Teletherapy?

To access teletherapy within your home you will require the following:

  • Internet access
  • Access to the zoom app which you will need to download from your phone’s app store and installing this onto your phone or tablet directly. Alternatively, you can also access Zoom by Googling this via your internet browser and following the prompts given.
  • One of the following technology devices: computer, lap-top, I-pad / tablet, I-phone or smart phone.

3 steps to a successful Teletherapy session

  1. Teletherapy will involve approximately 5 minutes of discussion at the beginning with the guardian to discuss challenges that have arisen over the past week.
  2. We will then aim to deliver 30 minutes of therapy to your child.
  3. At the conclusion of the session there will be a further 5-minute discussion with the parent to discuss homework for the coming week and plan for the next session.

Teletherapy can help enhance your relationship with your child

As you work through teletherapy with your child at home, you will personally gain greater understanding of this space along with grow the confidence to work with your child therapeutically outside of sessions more often.

This can therefore enhance your relationship with your child, having excellent functional outcomes for the whole family. You may begin to see the potential for everyday situations to become wonderful learning and sensory opportunities for your child.

For more information on how Teletherapy can work for you and your child, we’d love you to contact us and have a look around our website here at OTFC.

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