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The parenting dojo that guarantees to unlock your pOTential.

The simple truth is – Parenting is hard work.

It’s not all happy families as Instagram or Facebook would have you believe. It can be overwhelming to navigate the complexities of caring for a child, especially if they have additional needs. OTFC Group have created this program because every single day we see caregivers who access our service wanting to know more about parenting.

Our children do not arrive with an instruction manual. And even if they did, every child is different. Where most people only see broken bits, as Occupational Therapists, we see a mixture of constantly changing bits. All different, all beautiful. And when you get some help putting all the pieces together, you will see just how much better the parenting journey can be.

At the OTFC Group, we focus our attention on learning and understanding everything about your child. In the Parenting pOTential, the focus is on YOU, and giving you the knowledge to understand how your child operates.

Let us help you take your parenting from surviving to thriving.

What am I doing wrong? Why is my child behaving like this? Why is this so hard? I am not coping.

This program is for anyone who cares for a child and wants to help them be happy, independent, inspired & resilient young people.

OTFC Group Clinical Director, Dino Mennillo, delivers energising monthly masterclasses, drawing on real life case studies. Included:


6 x 1-hour virtual masterclasses

one-on-one session

1 x 30 minute one-on-one virtual session with Dino where you can ask him your questions

Weekly Emails

Weekly emails from Dino with additional resources to build on your learning

Assessment Scale

Motivation Assessment Scale to help determine the source of your child's behaviour

Q & A

Quarterly virtual group Q&A check-in


Replays to watch as and when you need


OTFC Group

Who are we?

At OTFC Group, we believe in empowering young people and their families to reach their full potential.

We are more than just an occupational therapy clinic – we are a dynamic teaching practice as well, sharing our skills and techniques with parents, carers, and teachers.

Assessments delivered
1:1 Therapy sessions
Parent consultations
Hours of professional development to educators & allied health professionals

Your Host

Dino Mennillo

Dino Mennillo is a keynote speaker and expert Occupational Therapist with over 20 years’ experience working with children and adolescents.

Dino’s OT journey began while pursuing a soccer career. Over his 10 years in professional football, he was fortunate to represent his country in the Australian National League and internationally. A chance encounter in 2004 introduced him to the theory of Sensory Integration and ultimately served as catalyst for change. Together with his wife, Michelle, he acquired OTFC Group with a desire to make a positive, lasting impact, and an ambition to reach every child and young person in Australia. Learning, developing, enhancing and challenging the way OT’s work with children has been his goal in providing a service that truly makes a difference to the lives of others.

Dino is certified and specialises in Ayres Sensory Integration® and it’s this approach that makes OTFC Group unique. In partnership with Sensory Integration pioneers and experts in the USA (CLASI), Dino has been able to train therapists in Australia and contribute to the development of a new Gold Standard Sensory Integration Assessment (The EASI) – one that will continue to reflect evidence-based intervention at the OTFC Group and in OT for years to come.

The Parenting pOTential System



Pre-emptive factors to behaviour
& the motivation assessment scale



Understanding arousal levels
and emotional regulation in your child



Proactive vs Reactive Parenting



The importance of activity in your child's life



Your child's wellness battery: Finding balance



What does a resilient child look like?

Why Trust us?

OTFC Group have been working with families in this space for over 20 years.

We influence the lives of the young people and families we support. We create possibilities by empowering those we help, and make a difference every day in family’s lives.

ayres sensory integration- OTFC plus

Questions Answered

What outcomes can I expect?

Can NDIS Funding be used for this program?

Yes. OTFC Group can provide an invoice on request for reimbursement through the NDIS.

What investment is required?

$79 per person, per month.

Our Early Bird offer is available to our ‘Tantrum Takedown’ attendees for a limited time only.