OTFC’s Top 10 Resources- Part 3

A little while ago we started looking at great resources for children and families. Good news, we are now back continuing that list!
We have already discussed Theraputty and Hyperdash (which now unfortunately cannot be bought from retailers, but can be found online), so we will continue with another classic OTFC resource…
I think almost every child that has had sessions at OTFC has had a chance to try the Wedgits and the Wedgit cards that accompany the blocks. Much like the Theraputty, Wedigts work on so many areas of development, and are therefore and excellent resource for therapy and home. Designed for ages 4 and up, these building blocks come in a set, with 5 different coloured sizes (a few of each colour), which combined can make quite outstanding creations.
When paired with the Wedgit design cards, children can work on their 3D visual perceptual skills, motor planning, sequencing and problem solving. However, the areas of use don’t stop there. Because some deigns can be tricky, children have to use two hands, so Wedgits can also work on bilateral coordination (using both hands for the same action, or even for different actions). In fact, why not encourage your child to lay down on their tummy while they build, to promote postural control and endurance. You can also place wedgit blocks on the opposite side of your child’s dominant side, to encourage them to reach across and grab Wedgits, working on crossing their midline. You can add in a social element, and encourage children to work in pairs to build the design. However, one of the most useful skills building Wedgits can work on is perseverance. Given these building blocks can be tricky, fiddly and often a source of frustration, developing skills to work through such frustration through an activity like Wedgits can promote children’s resilience and ability to persevere, despite failure.
Finally, the best thing about Wedgits, is that many of the above skills required for building them are also important for functional tasks, such as dressing, shoes and laces, drawing, handwriting and reading. Importantly, from a parent’s perspective, these are simply designed and very robust toys, and can last a number of years of daily use!
Also, with Christmas coming up, why not add a set to your Christmas list and ensure you child/children can continue to develop their skills over the Christmas and New Year break!
Wedgits and Wedgit cards can be purchased from Windmill toys (252 The Parade Norwood) or online from Australian seller  brightsparkenterprises.


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