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Play is essential in the neurological development of children, regardless of their age or ability. Playgrounds offer an abundance of wonderful experiences for children to learn and grow through play. Climbing up and around different pieces of equipment develops gross motor skills as children engage the larger muscle groups of their body. It also builds planning skills and coordination to navigate various parts. Children learn to take safe risks to expand their abilities. Swings, slides and flying foxes provide important sensory experiences to help children learn how to integrate and process information from the world around them. As children experience success in these activities, they develop confidence in their capabilities and what they can achieve. Playgrounds even provide environments to practice and develop social skills, as children engage with others in the space and take turns with their peers.

In addition, as the world around us becomes progressively busy and technologically advanced, the benefits of nature play are increasingly important. Nature play involves any activity in which children are active outdoors, whether that is through play or thinking actively outside. Connecting and interacting with natural elements and environments allows children to explore, experiment and let their imaginations run wild. These child-led activities enable children to engage in play without needing direct input from adults. This in turn teaches children to be resourceful, creative, resilient and self-sufficient (Nature Play WA Website 2019).

Here is a list of some of our favourite playgrounds around South Australia:


Morialta Conservation Park – Morialta

Designed with a nature play theme and featuring elements of Aboriginal culture, this huge playground features FIVE different play areas. This includes a 7-metre tall nest for kids to climb! It is best suited for children aged 5 to 15 years, so a great fit for families with older children.


Heywood Park – Unley

Heywood Park has recently been upgraded to include a “Mini Ninja Course”. In addition to the other play areas here, this project provides a serious of obstacles using lots of natural elements with a focus on children aged 10 to 14 years.


GT Fisher Nature Playground – Victor Harbour

The recently redeveloped GT Fisher Playground offers a variety of themed play areas and equipment, with many of these areas designed using natural elements. Kids have the chance to play with the sand beneath their toes and there is a beautiful view of the ocean to match the experience!


Jubilee Park – Nourlunga

This playground features a variety of wooden constructions, including a castle, ship and lighthouse, with varying levels for children to explore. There are different areas for kids of all ages so perfect for the whole family!



St Kilda Adventure Playground – St. Kilda

Featuring big (and we do mean BIG) and smaller flying foxes, different sized slides, metal castle, pirate ship, maze,  wheelchair accessible “liberty” swing and slide plus so much more, it’s easy to spend a day of adventure with kids of all ages at this playground!Source:

Cobbler Creek – Salisbury East

A key and unique feature of this great playground is the ‘raptor-themed birds nests’ climbing structures. Other highlights include flying foxes, balance frames and swings. The playground is also surrounded by fantastic bike trails and even mountain/BMX areas, offering endless hours of fun!


MJ McInerney Reserve – West Croydon

This is the place to go if your kids LOVE a good slide. There are slides of all different sizes and even a big twisty one for an extra thrill! In addition, there are twin flying foxes that run alongside each other and some great nature play elements.


Hart’s Mill Playground – Pt Adelaide

This modern playground is set against the backdrop of the historic Hart’s Mill. You might even be lucky enough to spot some dolphins along the Port River whilst you’re there! There are lots of different features to keep kids entertained – a super-fast slide, mouse wheel, flying fox, climbing frames and much more.Source:


Belair Adventure Playground – Belair

Surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Belair National Park, this playground provides wonderful opportunities for play and adventure! In addition to the playground itself including tunnels and a large wooden fort, there is also plenty of natural space for exploring and creating your own fun! There are even tennis and basketball courts.



South Terrace Playgrounds – South Terrace Glover Playground & Princess Elizabeth Playground

There are a number of great playgrounds that run along South Terrace. South Terrace Glover Playground is home to climbing nets, a seated flying fox and a “liberty swing”, amongst lots of other equipment. The Princess Elizabeth Playground features in-ground mini trampolines and an awesome medieval looking castle!

Source: &

For more information or to find other great playgrounds in your area, visit any of these websites below:


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