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Where Changing Lives is Our Driving Force

Changing lives

What Makes Us Unique: We Are OTFC

The Essence of OTFC Group

It’s hard to explain what makes life at OTFC Group so special, but we’ve boiled it down to three key ingredients:
  • Incredibly talented people
  • Work that looks like fun, feels like fun, and is fun
  • A values-driven culture that inspires us to do our best work

One thing is for sure, our unique culture plays a huge role in everything you’ll experience. We’re always looking for new ways to make your life at OTFC Group truly transformational.

Our Values and Culture

We believe in infusing every moment with growth, connectivity, and fun. Our culture is built on a foundation of lived values; trust, passion, relationships, joy, hope, courage, and play. These values are not just words on a wall; they guide our actions and define how we interact with each other and our clients. We’re a tight-knit and purpose-driven team that genuinely loves what we do and we enjoy the ride together.

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Life Changing Career Pathways

Meet Olivia

From Graduate OT to National Expansion Manager, moving to the Gold Coast to open a new clinic

Meet Eleanor

From Student Volunteer to Clinical Director.

Meet Nathan

Joined as a Graduate OT and was supported in his dream to open a new clinic in his home town

Meet Silvia

From Executive Assistant to Marketing Coordinator in less than a year

Meet Stacey

From Occupational Therapist to People & Culture Officer

Meet Val

Our world-leading equipment and clinical approach, connected culture, and work through play brought Val from Argentina to Adelaide

What will your story be?

Life Expanding

Graduate Program

By the end of your graduate year, we can GUARANTEE that you will be a confident, competent, and connected Occupational Therapist. You will be able to:

  • Develop client goals and priorities & provide therapy to meet the needs of young people with a range of diagnoses
  • Utilise a range of treatment modalities
  • Inform and deliver evidence-based and data-driven therapeutic intervention
  • Work with and manage a varied caseload from birth to adulthood
  • Complete reporting for the NDIS, Behaviour Support Plans, Restrictive Practice processes & risk assessments
  • Deliver Ayres Sensory Integration Therapy
  • Confidently communicate with parents & caregivers
  • Have the knowledge and the tools to be a sustainable practitioner
  • Be a group leader at CampEVOLVE
  • Bring new & innovative projects led by community need to life
  • Benefit from and contribute to a thriving, value-driven culture
  • Experience therapy groups program & school assessments

how we get you there

  • Option to commence work 4 days per week to ease you into professional life
  • Supporting you every step of the way with comprehensive induction, group supervision, monthly PD & so much more!
  • Graded 1:1 supervision, held weekly, to align with your learning style
  • Grading your billables – start on 25 and increase as your confidence grows
  • Financial support to become certified in Ayres Sensory Integration (CLASI)
  • Supportive administration team so you can focus on doing what you love
  • Paid admin time
  • Access to free workshops that will transform your life (financial, physical, wellbeing)
  • Sustainable Practitioner training, complimentary EAP program, and wellbeing & resilience program to support your personal growth

A Comprehensive Suite of Benefits

Financial and Professional Perks

  • Above award remuneration with annual remuneration review
  • Hybrid salary bonus arrangement with the potential to earn up to $30,000 bonus per year
  • Professional indemnity costs reimbursed
  • Financial support in obtaining certifications
  • Salary sacrifice for novated leasing
  • On-site car parking
  • Paid admin time
  • Optional weekend work
team talking

Life-Supporting Benefits

  • 9-day fortnight opportunity
  • 4 weeks Paid Parental Leave
  • Complimentary EAP program
  • Corporate flu vouchers & immunisation program
  • The Resilience Program – GreenX7 Wellbeing challenge

Life-Changing Fun

  • World-class clinic spaces
  • Culture score above 90% putting us in the top quartile in the country
  • Regular team incentives, celebrations, and events
  • Work alongside exceptional people who actively support you to succeed
  • Open feedback culture
  • Morning huddles, fortnightly staff meetings, shout outs and anniversary celebrations
  • A deeply considered Christmas party

OTFC Group

ready to come and play?

Work should be meaningful, rewarding, and enjoyable. Join us and together we’ll create a career that only changes lives through fun but also brings joy and fulfilment to yours.